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    SubjectRaw data from dedicated kernel bug database
    What are the chances that the raw data from the kernel bugdb could be
    made available? I bet Bradford wants it and I know I want. We are
    working on an integrated bugdb for BitKeeper and it would be cool if
    we could track the real db at osdl.

    The advantage of having the data available is that for the BK kernel
    users we could give them access to the bugdb while they are doing
    checkins so that the developers link the changes to the bugs as they
    do the fixes, which is a good time to do it.

    To calm any fears that we are trying to take over the bugdb, we're not.
    We just want to track it. Any changes made in a BK bugdb are trivially
    exportable to an external format and if the need arises we'll work with
    IBM/OSDL to make that happen. In fact, we can automate it.

    Getting back to the data, the ideal raw data format for us would be

    for bug in `cat list-o-bugs`
    do for field in `cat list-o-fields`
    do extract $field from $bug into $bug.$field
    set-timestamp \
    of $bug.$field \
    to date that $bugd.$field was created/updated

    I'm not sure if the fields are all self-contained. For example, the updates
    are done by someone, is that someone part of the data or is it "metadata".
    What about state transitions (open -> closed)?

    The other alternative is to make the whole infrastructure available as
    tarball, the mysql db et al, so that someone could slurp that down and
    poke at it locally.

    Any chance of this? I'd much appreciate it.
    Larry McVoy lm at
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