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    SubjectRE: Calculating kernel logical address ..
    On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Imran Badr wrote:

    > So, what you gurus suggest me to do? How can I get physical address of a
    > user buffer (which was originally mmap'ed() from a kmalloc() allocation) and
    > which would also be protable across multiple platforms?
    > Thanks.
    > Imran.

    I think there is a virt_to_bus() macro and its inverse. The 'bus' address
    is what you need to give to bus-masters that do DMA. This is different
    than virt_to_phys(), which happens to be the same on some platforms
    but would not be the same on those, like PPC (Motorola), which have
    separate address spaces for different things (RAM, I/O, etc).

    Isn't this what you want?

    Dick Johnson
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