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    SubjectRe: Disabled accounts
    Rik van Riel wrote:
    > The SPEWS listing looks correct ...

    Except, at the very least, the netmask. I have also been unable to
    verify a DNS server operating at the claimed address when I have poked
    at it.

    >>Please note that The Kernel Dot Org Organization do not endorse or
    >>support spam in any shape, way or form,
    > ... but you would, if you were a paying customer of the ISP.

    We are living on donated bandwidth, which is hard enough to get. I have
    complained to our sponsor in the hope that they will complain to the
    ISP, but you can imagine how well that goes over. I can't do much.

    >>and certainly do not recognize any sort of "right to spam."
    > Being a blacklist operator myself (DSBL I
    > may surprise you that I _do_ think spammers have a right of
    > free speech and a right to spam. It's just that I also think
    > nobody has an obligation to listen, everybody can accept or
    > deny any email they want for any random reason .. after all,
    > if it's your mail server, you get to decide what to do with
    > your private property.

    I would agree with you, *if* I could put "[NO UCE]" in my SMTP server
    banner and have the spammers disconnect. As it is, they are wasting my
    time, resources, and again, mostly to commit crimes (fraud, theft of
    service, ...)


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