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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix htree dir corrupt after fsck -fD
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    On September 29, 2002 01:16, Ryan Cumming wrote:
    > Case 1:
    > "Problem in HTREE directory inode 2 (/): bad block 3223649"
    > Case 2:
    > "Inode 2, i_blocks is 3718, should be 2280
    > Directory inode 2 has an unallocated block #377
    > Directory inode 2 has an unallocated block #378
    > Directory inode 2 has an unallocated block #379"
    > etc

    Okay, a few more datapoints:
    1) Case #1 happens much more frequently than case #2
    2) I can trigger filesystem corruption with nothing but non-concurrent
    readdir()s and unlink()s
    3) Although my initial tests were reaching the filesystem's inode limit, I've
    been able to reproduce case #1 with 153,129 free inodes and 217,294 free
    4) Case #1 persists with Chris' stack overflow fix, modified to use memmove
    instead of memcpy
    5) I have not been able to reproduce either error without the dir_index flag
    set. This may be due to the fact that my test program runs -much- more slowly
    without directory indexing.

    - -Ryan
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