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SubjectRe: v2.6 vs v3.0
On Sat, 28 Sep 2002, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Am I hapyy with current 2.5.x? Sure. Are others? Apparently. But does
> that mean that we have a top-notch VM and we should bump the major number?
> I wish.
> The block IO cleanups are important, and that was the major thing _I_
> personally wanted from the 2.5.x tree when it was opened. I agree with you
> there. But I don't think they are major-number-material.
> Anyway, people who are having VM trouble with the current 2.5.x series,
> please _complain_, and tell what your workload is. Don't sit silent and
> make us think we're good to go.. And if Ingo is right, I'll do the 3.0.x
> thing.

I personally have the feeling that 2.2.x performed better than 2.4.x
does, but I cannot go figure because I'm using ReiserFS 3.6 file
systems. I'd also really like to give Linux 2.5.39 or whatever is
current a whirl, but I'm currently using LVM and I'd need anything to
read that. Which one (EVMS or LVM2) is an ignorant-proof install and
reliable enough to read old LVM1 partitions and volumes?
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