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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix ide-iops for big endian archs
    >> properly on BE, further cleanup of the iops is pending, I'm waiting
    >> for Alan own experiments before I push again my own that remove
    >> all "p" iops and all of the {IN,OUT}{BYTE,WORD,LONG} macros.
    >Thats true in current -ac. I killed the _p crap. Nobody uses it, the
    >switching for handling it is bogus anyway. If anyone has such broken
    >code they can implement ide-iops-speak-slowly-after-the-tone.c

    Ok, I finally went and looked at your tree for real and I see
    the cleanup is actually there, good :)

    So now, let's see how to get rid of those CONFIG_PPC, either by
    having everybody define iobarrier_*() or having {read,write}s{b,w,l},
    I just started a new thread on the list just about that.

    Jens: can you look into merging -ac's iops change to 2.5 ? That
    would fix it.


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