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    SubjectHOT SWAP PROBLEM using hp4100 server series
    Hello linux experts,

    I don`t know if i come to the right place

    I have a HP 4100 server with LSI 53c1010R SCSI controller. I use
    RedHat7.3 os with default kernel 2.4.18-3. Also i have 3 scsi drives
    36G Ultra3 firmware HP. All thins are ok till here.

    I need some help to test HOT SWAP feature for this drives. I read some
    documentation and i saw that HOT SWAP may work if my driver for
    scsi-controller support re-scanning the bus.

    Normal SCSI hardware is not hot-swappable either. It may however work.
    If your SCSI driver supports re-scanning the bus, and removing and
    appending devices, you may be able to hot-swap devices.

    I try to check if this feature works for me and don`t. If i remove any
    scsi drive, this device remain in /proc until will be removed manually,
    or using a script named which i found it on google.

    I try to obtain some additional info and i saw that for my
    scsi-controller has 2 active drivers: one older named sym53cxx.o and
    one newer named sym53cxx_2.o!
    I don`t have for the moment access to this computer but i remember that
    on default installation, redhat assigned the old driver to my

    I want to know if i change the driver with this new one, i can use the
    HOT SWAP feature!

    Are necessary additional settings to be made when i load the new driver
    or on the system configuration?

    Any success story will be appreciated.



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