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    SubjectRe: DAC960 in 2.5.38, with new changes
    On Tuesday 24 September 2002 18:54, Dave Olien wrote:
    > I haven't been ignoring the discussion. Just thinking it over.
    > I was going to dig out an old PCI spec last night, but got involved
    > with other things. I wanted to review how 64-bit PCI and 32-bit PCI busses
    > handle 32 and 64-bit writes from the processor.
    > I don't have a spec for these controllers. IBM is selling Mylex
    > to LSI logic, so "All contracts, NDA's and agreements are on hold
    > until a transition to lsi is complete"

    Note: I will sign an NDA to get the specs for this card (family) but I
    would much prefer that somebody gets a clue and just releases the spec.
    Frankly, this board needs all the help it can get, based on comparative
    performance. Keeping the spec secret is just a brilliant way to ensure
    it will die, and thus be worth $0.00 to the purchaser.

    (I sincerely hope somebody in the DAC960 food chain notices this
    comment, or somebody forwards it to one of the aforementioned: give
    the world the spec and we will reciprocate by making the thing go as
    fast as theoretically possible.)

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