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    SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Native POSIX Thread Library 0.1
    Ulrich Drepper wrote:
    > We are pleased to announce the first publically available source
    > release of a new POSIX thread library for Linux
    > called Native POSIX Thread Library, NPTL.

    Great! Where does this leave NGPT though? I had assumed that
    this was going to be the next pthread implementation in glibc.


    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: glibc threading performance
    Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 10:42:42 +0100
    From: Padraig Brady <>
    To: Ingo Molnar <>, Ulrich Drepper <>

    Hey guys,

    I noticed you're looking at threading stuff lately,
    and was wondering about this thread:

    In summary wouldn't it be better to have a per process
    flag that was only set when pthread_create() is called.
    If the flag is not set, then you don't need to do locking.
    This locking seems to have huge overhead. For e.g. I
    patched uniq in textutils to use getc_unlocked() rather
    than getc() and got a 300% performance increase!


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