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    SubjectRE: ACPI Status
    > From: Marc Giger [] 
    > What is the current status of acpi in 2.4 / 2.5 kernels???
    > The most things on are outdated:-((
    > To acpi developers: Is it possible to make a Changelog like
    > Linus, Alan and Marcello and Co does??
    > And it would be nice, if there were a document which
    > describes the current development status..(what is already
    > implemented and what not)

    Oops, web content a little stale...

    Try checking out the acpi project page - You
    can d/l releases there and each release has a changelog.

    As to development status:

    Everything is code complete (more or less) EXCEPT:

    - S3/S4 support
    - userspace library
    - using ACPI for device PnP and resource determination

    If you're interested with following ACPI progress, I'd recommend subscribing
    to the acpi-devel mailing list.

    Regards -- Andy
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