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    SubjectRe: invalidate_inode_pages in 2.5.32/3
    Urban Widmark wrote:
    > ...
    > If I understood Andrew right with the inode flag that won't purge anything
    > until the next userspace access. I don't think that is what smbfs wants
    > since the response to the oplock break should happen fairly soon ...

    Well the lazy invalidation would be OK - defer that to the next
    userspace access, or just let the pages die a natural VM death,
    maybe poke `ksmbinvalidated'.

    But if you want to perform writeback within the local IO daemon
    then hm. That's a problem which NFS seems to not have? I guess
    you'd have to leave i_sem held and poke `ksmbwritebackd'. Or teach
    pdflush about queued work items (a tq_struct would do it).

    But it's the same story: the requirements of

    a) non blocking local IO daemon and

    b) assured pagecache takedown

    are conflicting. You need at least one more thread, and locking
    against userspace activity.
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