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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Linux-2.5 fix/improve get_pid()
    On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 01:24:35PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > So if you really want to take this approach, you need to count the uses of
    > "pid X", and free the bitmap entry only when that count goes to zero. I
    > see no such logic in Bill Irwin's code, only a comment about last use
    > (which doesn't explain how to notice that last use).
    > Without that per-pid-count thing clarified, I don't think the (otherwise
    > fairly straightforward) approach of Bills really flies.

    One big thing to bear in mind is that it is actually part of a much
    larger work, one which is not centered around get_pid(), and which is
    not yet ready for inclusion, or even widespread review. So please give
    me time to finish it, and defer judgment until it is complete.

    (1) akpm did not post the full patch, only the "after" picture of one file.
    (2) The per-id accounting is properly implemented, with caveats
    unrelated to the general accounting method. Yes, I am well
    aware of the need to be notified on release at points other
    than exit(), and I have implemented that notification.
    (3) The patch as it is intended to be is largely a tty and job control
    cleanup. get_pid() changes are required as the central feature
    is the removal of the list of all tasks, upon which the current
    get_pid() relies.
    (4) pid hashing actually creates idtag objects for something guaranteed
    to be unique. This is so stupid I consider it a bug.
    (5) The patch is not yet finished.

    Please defer judgment until I am ready to present as a finished work what
    is now a work in progress and barely if even out of the "debug" phase.

    The last fully-ported version of the patch, which was originally put
    on-line only to facilitate communication with reviewers and
    contributors, prior to the initial release (and by a very large margin)
    is available from the following URL:

    This patch does not contain a complete implementation of what I would
    like to present when I feel ready to submit it.

    While I thought I came up with something "nifty" in the way of a
    get_pid() as a result of this work, its primary focus is really to
    clean up tty and job control code. As it stands now, it does very
    little in the way of cleaning it up, only converting it to use the new
    infrastructure as a replacement for for_each_task() in the most
    straightforward and braindead ways imaginable. Several bugs are known
    to exist, but the full patch with all fixes has not yet been ported to
    current mainline, and I won't have time to devote to it for some time.
    This patch needs much further work, and that work is not yet finished.
    Please defer judgment until I can actually finish it. This will
    probably have to wait until 2.7 or even later.

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