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    Subject2.5.29 / 2.5.31 floppy/apm support
    Hello guys!

    Just a small question, perhaps it's dump, but I am having big problems

    I want to setup a router-only host, which boots from two floppy drives
    and has 3 network devices.

    So far no problem, but when trying to access the ramdisk on the floppy,
    the old problem exists that the floppy driver does not work with current

    Then I tried to shutdown the host via network, which fails because of apm
    module cannot be included in kernel in 2.5.29.

    So I just wanted to ask, whether someone is working on the floppy and apm
    problem or if it is / will be solved in 2.5.31 ?


    /* a bit frustrated, because the wifi card only works correct in 2.5 series,
    which let 2.5 the only choice.
    Perhaps I am gonna use 2.5.24, which was pretty stable and still had apm and
    floppy support...

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