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    SubjectRe: ServerWorks OSB4 in impossible state
    Am Don, 2002-08-22 um 09.52 schrieb Gonzalo Servat:

    > Do you have any suggestions on how I can work around this problem? It's
    > been driving me nuts all day! (I bet it's driven people nuts for
    > weeks...). Do you think your patch (as posted on
    > may help my
    > situation? If so, what kernel does it apply to? I looked up
    > serverworks.c in a 2.4.19-rc3 tree to see if the patch would apply
    > cleanly but it won't because line 547 is different to yours.

    It should be fairly easy to adapt the patch, all you need is modify
    the line

    in svwks_dmaproc() to the more complex condition test in the patch.

    Alan, I understood you to wanted apply this patch - what happened to it,
    do you want me to resubmit it?


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