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    Subjecthpt374 / BUG();

    I'm using a RocketRAID 404 (hpt374) and a Asus A7v266.
    When trying to boot from a 'htp374-enabled' kernel like 2.4.19-ac4 or
    2.4.20-pre2-ac4, i keep getting kernel panic at hpt366.c:1393.
    Does anyone know why this happens, or what I might do to correct this
    problem? I have tried every patch I can find for the 2.4 kernel.

    hpt366.c line 1392:

    if (hpt_minimum_revision(dev,8))
    else if (hpt_minimum_revision(dev,5))
    dev->driver_data = (void *) fifty_base_hpt372;
    else if (hpt_minimum_revision(dev,4))
    dev->driver_data = (void *) fifty_base_hpt370a;
    dev->driver_data = (void *) fifty_base_hpt370a;
    printk("HPT37X: using 50MHz internal PLL\n");
    goto init_hpt37X_done;


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