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    SubjectRe: BIG files & file systems
    >>>>> " " == Nikita Danilov <Nikita@Namesys.COM> writes:

    > But there still is a problem with applications (if any) calling
    > seekdir/telldir directly...

    Agreed. Note however that the semantics for seekdir/telldir as
    specified by SUSv2 are much weaker than those in our current

    From the Opengroup documentation for seekdir, it states that:

    On systems that conform to the Single UNIX Specification, Version 2,
    a subsequent call to readdir() may not be at the desired position if
    the value of loc was not obtained from an earlier call to telldir(),
    or if a call to rewinddir() occurred between the call to telldir()
    and the call to seekdir().

    IOW assigning a unique offset to each and every entry in the directory
    is overkill (unless the user is calling telldir() for all those

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