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    SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] Re: [patch] config language dep_* enhancements
    Kai Germaschewski wrote:
    > > > So you agree a bit of spring cleaning wouldn't hurt, right? ;)
    > >
    > > Absolutely, and I have a catalogue of dust puppies to help that process ;-)
    > Okay. Let me first state that I do not really have the time to get
    > involved currently. ISDN4Linux and other pending kbuild stuff already
    > takes somewhat more than the remaining free time I have. But if you guys
    > want to get going with some step by step cleaning (w/o breaking too much),
    > I can try to help reviewing and submitting to Linus.


    > Basically, extend the "source" command to do a grep CONFIG_* in the file
    > to be read and set all found symbols to "n", if unset - only then do
    > the actual "source".

    Ah, interesting idea.

    > Anyway, some more points:
    > o a) dep_bool ' Blah' CONFIG_FOO $CONFIG_BAR vs.
    > b) dep_bool ' Blah' CONFIG_FOO CONFIG_BAR

    I assume you include in a) the change which gives all symbols an "n" default.
    Then b) is clearly the evolutionary approach and less likely to result in a
    partially broken config system come Halloween.

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    with force, if necessary, against whatever vicious and uncomprehending
    enemies try to strike it down. - Roger Sandall, The Age, 28Sep2001.
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