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    SubjectRe: The spam problem.
      Good morning,

    Please refrain from fights on email issues while I am asleep..
    DaveM is in California, I am in Finland. About 9-10 hours
    time difference there. (depending on our personal rythms, also.)

    On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 07:00:46AM +0200, Dhr N. Van Alphen wrote:
    > cause there would be many non-members who wanna post bugs but can't because
    > they dont have access maybe?
    > I suggest too block every email adres wich sends crap, easy done.

    - Number of faked source addresses
    - Number of cases using somebody's address
    - Number of throw-away addresses
    - How many times they use HOTMAIL/YAHOO/EMAIL/MAIL/... addresses ?

    I think I will stick to the (weakish) method of matching texts in
    message body (and sometimes on headers)..

    I just reviewed Majordomo's BOUNCE log. It is bouncing (into oblivion)
    practically every posting from HOTMAIL (because of Received: header
    text: "from mail pickup service", which appears also in a number of
    looped messages..)

    Over past 3 days Majordomo has trapped ONE of those money-scam
    letters. A lot more of various other spams have been blocked.
    Messages with HTML content don't make it into VGER at all, which
    should give a very big clue to legitimate posters making a mistake
    of posting such.

    I am very worried of trapping too much. A bit of leakage is (to me)
    accptable, but similar amounts of falsely trapped ones I don't like.

    I also receive so much spam directly, that I don't always detect every
    instance when it is leaking thru VGER's lists. If you want to raise
    the attention of VGERs postmasters, I suggest you forward it to:

    with subject: "leaked spam"

    Also, in case of non-english spam, I would like to receive suggestions
    for PERL RE patterns matching juicy keywords in the messages.
    (To me Chinese or Russian texts are just line noise...)

    > Niek van alphen

    /Matti Aarnio
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