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    SubjectRe: RE:Re: The spam problem.

    On Mon, 12 Aug 2002 00:15:53 -0500, Jim Roland wrote:

    >Now there's a good thought! Post, Confirm, gets posted. If member, no
    >confirmation necessary.

    You could also put them in a manual hold queue. Give a large number of
    people ability to approve posts from that queue so latency would be

    The problem with confirmation is that a person might fire off a bug report
    where they happen to be, via something like

    dmesg > foo
    joe foo
    cat foo + mail -s "Bug report blah blah"

    A confirmation sent to the source address of that might not be noticed until
    the next time they happen to log into that account on that machine.

    You could do both, I guess. A hold queue that can be manually processed with
    confirmation posting the message and removing it from the hold queue.


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