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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Linux-2.5 fix/improve get_pid()
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > If they hold both handles open and stat them and find the same inode
    > number then yes its a bug. We have lots of room for inode numbers to
    > handle 2^30 processes and allow for 2^30 other files

    So, in general, the way to detect hard links requires both objects to be
    open at the same time? I was sure it was enough to stat(), and check
    (st1.st_ino == st2.st_ino && st1.st_dev == st2.st_dev).

    Admittedly, one of the object could be renamed or deleted in that time
    so it's not 100% reliable on changing filesystems.

    Ah well.

    -- Jamie
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