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SubjectRe: The spam problem. wrote:
> YES THEY ARE SENT TO THE LIST, WOULD YOU LIKE COPIES? T hey are dangerous, they have gotten people KILLED.

I would suggest that anyone stupid enough to respond to a Nigerian spam
(or any spam, for that matter) sent to a mailing list like LKML

1) Shouldn't be reading LKML
2) Should make an appointment at the local family planning clinic.
3) If they have already reproduced, they should take their kids along.

I am as ardent an anti-spam warrior as the next guy, but let us not
waste bandwidth on LKML over this - forward the spams to Spamcop and
move on. The risk of blocking a legitimate email relative the (actually
quite small) number of spams the list receives is considered unwarrented
by the folks who run the list, and personally I agree with them - the
number of spams the list receives is pretty small, all things considered.

If you feel so strongly about it, rather than writing LKML, why not
write your (Congressdrones|MP...) and try to get some truely effective
antispam legislation passed (gak! saying that leaves a bad taste in my
basically libertarian mouth).

Once again, until we can hunt spammers like the vermin they are, this is
part of the unfortunate state of affairs - shouting about it won't help.

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