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    SubjectRe: about the tuning of eepro100
    Pawe? Krawczyk wrote:
    > > so i think the limit is at the eepro100 card. is there any way to
    > > improve the throughput? or someone got a higher throughput then
    > > that? the eepro100 chip is 82559.
    > Use e100 driver from Intel [1] with the following parameters:
    > insmod e100.o BundleSmallFr=1 IntDelay=0x600 ucode=1
    > Intel's driver supports all the interrupt saving features (interrupt
    > delay and small packet bundling) present in EEPro/100 cards. The driver
    > is now GPL, so it should get back to the mainstream kernel.

    I don't think you will get better than 90% performance, but if you do
    please let me know! I have written another e100 driver, in an attempt
    to transmit and receive small packets at the maximum possible rate.

    In tests, it would not even transmit at 100% small packets on our 82558.
    (I didn't do that test on our 82559).

    Ah well..

    Curiously, I found that turning on the interrupt saving microcode slows
    the cards down. It lessens the load on the mainboard CPU, but I am not
    using interrupts, I'm polling the memory descriptors 100% of the time,
    so the interrupt saving microcode shouldn't affect the mainboard CPU.
    It does lower the throughput though.

    -- Jamie
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