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    SubjectRe: freezing afer switching from graphical to console
    From Michael Gruner on Tuesday, 09 July, 2002:
    >ok, did it as you say: in the BIOS I switched to Vsync/blank screen.
    >Let's see what happens.
    >BTW: My graphics card isn't a nvidia as many of you suggested but an ATI
    >Rage pro (what did you wrote Bernd? ;-) ).
    >Another interesting thing I got back in mind today was: one day my XMMS
    >played a mp3 song and I switched to console ( know what
    >happend) but the song kept on playing in a loop that was some
    >milliseconds until I powered the box off. I don't know what to think
    >about that.

    I've seen the same thing on my ATI XPert@Play (Rage Pro chipset). At
    2.4.17, it was a risky proposition to switch between X and a text VC.
    It's better in 2.4.18, although not much (I believe. I may be wrong).
    I have happend upon a situation a number of times where, when switching
    from X to a text VC, the machine "locks up", but CTRL-F7 (the X VC) will
    get me back to a working X login screen (KDM), at least for a while. If
    I keep trying to switch to a text VC (which never works), it eventually
    fully locks up, to the point where I have to pull the plug, since the on
    switch is non-responsive. If I tell it to shut down, it gets *most* of
    the way through before carping out and locking up fully.
    I don't *believe* I've seen this in 2.5.x, although I may be wrong.

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