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SubjectTerrible VM in 2.4.11+?


as of the last stable version 2.4.18 VM management does not work for me
properly. I have Athlon system with 512MB ram, 2.4.18 kernel without any
additional patches.

I run following sequence of commands:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp bs=1M count=512 &
find / -print &
{ wait a few seconds }

at this point find stops completely or at least almost stops.

The same if I copy from /dev/hdf to /dev/hda. XOSVIEW shows only reading or only
writing (as bdflushd is flushing buffers). It never shows parallel reading and
writing. /proc/sys/* has default settings. I do not know the reason why i/o
system stops when bdflushd is flushing buffers nor reading can be done.

Lukáš Hejtmánek
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