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SubjectRe: IDE, util-linux
Użytkownik napisał:
> Yesterday util-linux 2.11t was released.
> As always, comments are welcome.
> Wanted to continue some usb-storage work on 2.5 and
> recklessly booted 2.5.25. It survived for several hours,
> then deadlocked. Two filesystems turned out to be corrupted.
> Wouldn't mind if the rock solid 2.4 handling of HPT366
> was carefully copied to 2.5, that today quickly causes
> corruption and quickly deadlocks or crashes.
> [Yes, these are independent bugs. The fact that the current
> IDE code writes to random disk sectors is much more annoying
> than the fact that it crashes and deadlocks. This random
> writing is observed only on disks on the HPT366 card.]

Well the point is that the 2.5.25 is well behind whats
going on. It still contains IDE 93, which *is* broken.
Please hunt for IDE 94 + 95 + 96 [without 97]. This should
help. Anyway. My plan is to provide a 98 soon which will
be cummulative against 2.5.25, just to geive people a chance
to work on it again. But as it stands - *plain* 2.5.25 is
indeed very dangerous in this regard.

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