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SubjectRe: BKL removal

On Sun, 7 Jul 2002, Dave Hansen wrote:
> Nope. I missed that one. Something like "The Little Mainfraime that
> could?"

It was "The Y2K bug - the last day" by some Marc.

> > So the BKL isn't wrong here, but incorrectly used?
> Not even incorrect, but badly used. But, this was probably another
> VFS push.

The most correct would be to lock the struct file in any way so it can't
be used while I eat it. But I guess that's efficient locking vs. space,
isn't it? What would happen if we had a locking field on every struct?!

> > Is it really okay to "lock the whole kernel" because of one struct file?
> > This brings us back to spinlocks...
> Don't think of it as locking the kernel, that isn't really what it
> does anymore. You really need to think of it as a special spinlock.

We should rename it to something that actually tells you what it does.
BTW, when was lock_kernel()? It must be really old if it still locked the
whole kernel.

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