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    SubjectRe: simple handling of module removals Re: [OKS] Module removal
    On Fri, 5 Jul 2002 15:48:17 +0200, 
    Pavel Machek <> wrote:
    >Keith Owens wrote
    >> Modules can run their own kernel threads. When the module shuts down
    >> it terminates the threads but we must wait until the process entries
    >> for the threads have been reaped. If you are not careful, the zombie
    >> clean up code can refer to the module that no longer exists. You must
    >> not freeze any threads that belong to the module.
    >Look at the code. freezer will try for 5 seconds, then give up. So, in
    >rare case module has some threads, rmmod will simply fail. I believe
    >we can fix rare remaining modules one by one.

    There is no failure path for rmmod. Once rmmod sees a use count of 0,
    it must succeed. Which is why both Rusty and I agree that rmmod must
    be split in two, one piece that is allowed to fail and a second piece
    that is not.

    BTW, freeze_processes() silently ignores zombie processes. The test is
    not obvious, it is hidden in the INTERESTING macro which has an
    embedded 'continue' to break out of the loop. Easy to miss.

    >> You must not freeze any process that has entered the module but not yet
    >> incremented the use count, nor any process that has decremented the use
    >> count but not yet left the module. Simply looking at the EIP after
    >Look how freezer works. refrigerator() is blocking, by definition. So
    >if all processes reach refrigerator(), and the use count == 0, it is
    >indeed safe to unload.

    signal_wake_up() - sets TIF_SIGPENDING for other task
    resched_task() - calls preempt_disable() for this cpu
    smp_reschedule_interrupt() - now on another cpu
    resume_kernel - on other cpu

    With CONFIG_PREEMPT, a process running on another cpu without a lock
    when freeze_processes() is called should immediately end up in
    schedule. I don't see anything in that code path that disables
    preemption on other cpus. If I am right, then a second cpu could be in
    this window when freeze_processes is called

    if (xxx->func)

    where func is a module function. There is still a window from loading
    the function address, through calling the function and up to the point
    where the function does MOD_INC_USE_COUNT. Any reschedule in that
    window opens a race with rmmod. Without preemption, freeze might be
    safe, with preemption the race is back again.

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