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SubjectRe: IBM Desktar disk problem?

On 5 Jul 2002, Daniel Egger wrote:
> <advise>
> Buy decent drives, then get DriveFitnessTest (DFT) from their website
> and check the harddrives, note the TRC number, request an RMA on their
> website and ship the drives as soon as possible to IBM. Wait for the
> replacement drives and sell them ASAP on Ebay to some freaks who don't
> give a dime about data security.
> </advise>

...and tell all the people who got a DTLA (because it's not as expensive
as others in some countries, mind France, USA, Germany) to drop their
disks if they want to use Linux, because we're too lazy to find a
solution. That might be cool to you, but we want HARDWARE SUPPORT for
Linux! That's why we're here.

There _is_ a solution, we just have to find it.

(Use if you can't decode)
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