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SubjectRe: IBM Desktar disk problem?
On Fri, Jul 05 2002, wrote:
> HI,
> I was trying kernel 2.5 with TCQ enabled.
> I tried it on three Desktar disk (manufactured in Thailand
> in february 2001) model dtla 305020.
> All three disk died after some week, without
> any signal of being dying.
> I was starting to suspect about an HW problem.
> With 2.4 kernels, no tcq, they could work
> without any problem for almost 8 months, but now,
> I moved those disk to test systems to test tcq support
> and all died badly. This is not an heat problem, since
> thay staty in a CED conditioned at 18C.

This is a puzzling report. I wouldn't recommend that anyone use tcq in
2.5 actually, since even I do not know what state it is currently in. I
would seriously recommend 2.4 + tcq patches instead.

That said, are your disks completely dead now? As in they do not work
with a regular 2.4 kernel anymore?!

Jens Axboe

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