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    Subjectusb-core/uhci - scp problem
    On a Laptop Gericom Supersonic 
    Processot PIII 1000 MHz
    256 MB RAM
    30 GB HD
    2 USB 1.1
    2 PCMCIA (1) eg. 1 PCMCIA (2)

    with Linux SuSE 7.3
    Kernel 2.4.10-GB (SuSE)

    I have

    1 USB Mouse
    1 Maxtor 40 GB Personal Storage 3000 LE USB 2.0
    1 Partition ext2,
    with uhci and usb-storage drivers for the HD.

    Everything works fine.
    scp works fine when the external HD is not mounted.

    But, when trying to use scp over PCMCIA Gericom 10/100 Card with the external HD mounted,(writing to the internal or the external HD, working in an X-console or working console without any X) the console used will hang itself up.

    Neither the console nor scp nor the mounts can be killed by kill -9 *.

    You can lock and lockout on other consoles/terminals.

    Shutdown -h now does not give any comments, but does not shut the system down. You have to cut the power off.

    Used seperately the interrupts used by the PCMCIA-card and the external HD differ. That is not the cause.

    Is there an explanation? Can anything be done about it.

    Best regards

    Dietmar Jung

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