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SubjectRe: 3 Serial issues up for discussion
   From: Remco Treffkorn <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 12:46:42 -0700

Drivers need not fight about minor numbers. That can be simply handled:

int get_new_serial_minor()
static int minor;

return minor++;

Any serial driver can call this when it initializes a new uart.
Hot pluggable drivers have to hang on to their minors, and

I don't think it's wise to make hot-plug drivers keep track
of the minors they ever use in such a sloppy way. Why not
make the get_new_serial_minor() thing have a release method
too and then we can keep track of minor allocation in one

Also if I remmove the module for a serial port driver, those minors
should get reused by the next registered uart too.

Finally we can name this all /dev/serialXXX in keeping with Linus's
grand view of /dev/diskXXX et al. (and keeping ttySfoo around for
compat sake for a little while of course :).
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