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    SubjectRe: How to start on new db-based FS?
    Hans Reiser wrote:
    > Daniel Mose wrote:
    > >I'm doing a scan on the web for disk storage layout documentation on
    > >different file systems. I have I think, downloaded just about all
    > >there is to download on, but I fail to find anything
    > >that does describe the reiserfs storage layout in any detail.
    > >Is there such documentation available?

    I do believe that I've been somewhat unclear. What I would hope
    to find is :
    Documentation of On-disk Per-partition storage layout
    of file lookup and maintainance structures for reiserfs.

    > >I would be very happy for directions to it in this case.
    > >
    > >Reason? I want to know if the root file system that I my self is
    Correction, Should be: File system for root mountable partitions.

    > >about to develop perhaps is already implemented to some extent in
    > >any existing root FS:s ?
    same correction here.
    > What is a root filesystem? (I am accustomed to the term as describing
    > what the OS uses for storing the semantic layer's root directory).

    I do not have a CS - convention, or Unix background, so I am a bit
    unfamiliar with terms like "semantic layer's root directory"
    I am a "learn by doing" type of guy, and up to now it has worked out

    There seems to be a lot of discrepancies when it comes to
    defining what a "file system" really is. I often find that the
    term is used with widely different meanings, depending on who
    you are actually talking to, and also in what context it is used.

    I believe that the developers at www.oss.sgi, as well as the JFS
    developers hosted at IBM, use the term: "root file system" to make
    clear that

    A. It is a Unix type of file system, that can be used as "/"
    at boot, i e a system "magically" mountable root partition.

    B. The file system occupies a Local mountable disk partition,
    and is acessible via the Unix mount command.

    C. The file system is used for file access, and maintainance of
    On-disk file-lookup hierarchies, such as one or more
    Superblocks, File allocation scheemes ( f ex allocation group
    descriptors,block and inode bitmap tables, as well as inodes )
    and Directory files ( ext2fs or FFS )

    I hope that this makes a bit more sense to you.
    Thank you for taking time with me, all the same

    I'm happy for any further direction.

    kind regards
    Daniel Mose
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