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SubjectRe: How to start on new db-based FS?
Hans Reiser wrote:
> We would be happy to cooperate with persons interested in implementing
> LDAP optimizing plugins for reiser4.

I'm doing a scan on the web for disk storage layout documentation on
different file systems. I have I think, downloaded just about all
there is to download on, but I fail to find anything
that does describe the reiserfs storage layout in any detail.
Is there such documentation available?
I would be very happy for directions to it in this case.

Reason? I want to know if the root file system that I my self is
about to develop perhaps is already implemented to some extent in
any existing root FS:s ? No need to re-invent the wheel. =)

I now know for sure that neither the JFS or the XFS does work in the
same ways as my drafts from reading their on disk storage scheemes.

kind regards
Daniel Mose.
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