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    SubjectRe: [2.6] Most likely to be merged by Halloween... THE LIST]
    Hans Reiser wrote:
    > Rik van Riel wrote:
    >> On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Hans Reiser wrote:
    >>> What I was advocating was a schedule of:
    >>> 1) feature submission deadline
    >>> 2) period of working through feature backlog
    >>> 3) feature acceptance ending date
    >> So, what feature are you trying to smuggle into the kernel
    >> but are afraid isn't ready on time and why do you think it
    >> couldn't be backported into 2.6 later, when 2.6 is stable ?
    > Ouch. He sees right though me.;)
    > The core Reiser4 code should be in time. Reiser4 will have its core
    > code stable in a month I hope, and by core code I mean code that does
    > what V3 does but on top of a plugin infrastructure and faster than V3 in
    > at least some measures.
    > What I am worried about schedule-wise are:
    > * the API for exporting transactions to user space (the in kernel buffer
    > management code to support it is completed but the API is not yet done).
    > Uses the new system call we are adding.
    > * The traditional file API is designed for efficiency of repeated
    > operations to the same file. As part of our effort to make files able
    > to do everything that extended attributes can do, but more flexibly, we
    > are creating a new system call. This new system call can perform
    > multiple operations on files in one system call, and is very convenient
    > for a bunch of small IOs to different files.
    > * file inheritance
    > Some other reiser4 things won't make it, but they seem like they should
    > be easier to get in later because they are plugins:
    > * encryption plugin
    > * ACL plugin
    > * audit plugin

    I strongly oppose OSes with mutating semantics and don't like the
    "plugin" idea at all therefore.

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