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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cheap lookup of symbol names on oops()
I wrote the critter on my x86 laptop and dualathlon desktop.  I only did
additional testing on PPC. Both give me bunches of symbols.

Stock redhat 7.2 gives me hundreds of module symbols when I load up a bunch
of modules (via ksyms -a or cat /proc/ksyms). A cross-build of
stock modutils-2.4.16 for x86->ppc gives me the same.

} It's really weird that the patch works in a generic manner for you, maybe our
} userspace side is different than, or maybe it's a difference on ppc where
} you're not trimming the symbol list to the exported functions?

I'm testing with multi .c modules. I haven't tested with a single
.c module though.

} I guess it worked for you because you've single file .c modules, that interface
} with each other, so there every extern function is going to be exported.
} modutils could build the whole symbol table if asked to, so with a change of
} insmod you could make your patch to work in a generic manner for all
} module symbols too, but it would be a waste of ram like kksymoops.
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