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    SubjectRe: Header files and the kernel ABI
    On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Andreas Dilger wrote:

    > That brings up the question - how do you tie a particular
    > <linux/abi/*.h> to a particular kernel? Should there be a bunch of
    > directories <linux/abi-2.4/*.h> and/or <linux/abi-2.4.12/*.h> and/or
    > <linux/abi-`uname -r`/*.h> or what? While there are efforts to keep
    > the ABI constant for major stable releases, this is not always true,
    > so abi-2.4 will certainly not be enough. Maybe linux/abi is a symlink
    > to the abi directory of currently running kernel?

    Ideally, the ABI layer would be maintained and packaged separately from
    both the kernel and glibc to avoid gratuitous changes from either side.

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