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    Subjectloop.o device busy after umount

    I've noticed in kernel 2.4.18 that my loop module remains busy after I umount the device using it. For example

    mount -t iso9660 -o loop file.iso /mnt
    * loop module gets loaded
    * lsmod shows "loop 7952 1 (autoclean)"
    * ps ax shows [loop0] process

    umount /mnt
    lsmod shows the same thing - specifically the use of loop as 1 and the [loop0] process remains open. Trying to rmmod loop gives me a device or resource busy error.

    lsof gives the following output:

    loop0 3765 root cwd DIR 8,1 4096 2 /
    loop0 3765 root rtd DIR 8,1 4096 2 /

    So I'm wondering why the loop module still remains in use after I umount the file that required it? Should it stay in use? Is there a way to change that behavoir or be able to rmmod the module without a reboot?

    (Please CC replies to me personally)

    Thank You

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