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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.27 devfs
    Marcin Dalecki writes:
    > Kill two inlines which are notwhere used and which don't make sense
    > in the case someone is not compiling devfs at all.

    Rejected. Linus, please don't apply this bogus patch. External patches
    and drivers rely on the inline stubs so that #ifdef CONFIG_DEVFS_FS
    isn't needed.

    Martin, why are you bothering with this kind of false cleanup? These
    inline stubs don't take up any space in the object files, so why
    bother? Also, given that the stubs were carefully added in the first
    place, it suggests that there is a good reason for their presence.

    Why didn't you stop and think it through before firing off a patch, or
    at least ask me if you couldn't see why? This "patch first, think/ask
    questions later" approach is disturbing.


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