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SubjectRe: Athlon XP 1800+ segemntation fault
> It's something strange with my computer cause not only Linux hangs.On
> the other disk I've got Win XP and it also hangs ( blue screen,memory
> dump and things like that...).Almost every component is a brand
> new(mother board, processor, memory, video card, power supply)

Check the following things:

* Cooling - is the CPU fan, especially, working, and not clogged up with dust

* Memory - try booting Linux with MEM=16M or something - if the problem goes away, it's probably related to memory. Try removing and re-inserting the RAM, and cleaning the edge connectors, (I had a machine run fine for a couple of years, then suddenly keep failing. Cleaning the RAM edge connectors fixed it).

* PSU - make sure your power supply is suitable for the new CPU, (rule of thumb being 300+ Watt rating on it).
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