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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] move slab pages to the lru, for 2.5.27
    On July 21, 2002 07:24 am, Craig Kulesa wrote:

    > This patch is intermediate between where we were (freeing slab caches
    > blindly and not in tune with the rest of the VM), and where we want to be
    > (cache pruning by page as we scan the active list looking for cold pages
    > to deactivate). Uhhh, well, I *think* that's where we want to be. :)
    > How do we get there?
    > Given a slab page, I can find out what cachep and slab I'm dealing with
    > (via GET_PAGE_SLAB and friends). If the cache is prunable one,
    > cachep->pruner tells me what kind of callback (dcache/inode/dquot) I
    > should invoke to prune the page. No problem.
    > The trouble comes when we try to replace shrink_dcache_memory() and
    > friends with slab-aware pruners. Namely, how to teach those
    > inode/dcache/dquot callbacks to free objects belonging to a *specified*
    > page or slab? If I have a dentry slab, I'd like to try to liberate
    > *those* dentries, not some random ones like shrink_dcache_memory does now.

    Well not quite random. It prunes the oldest entries. The idea behind the prunable
    callback is that some caches have specific aging methods. What I tried to do here
    was keep the rate of aging in sync with the VM.

    > I'm still trying to figure out how to make that work. Or is that
    > totally the wrong approach? Thoughts? ;)

    Thats a question I have asked myself too. What could be done is, scan the
    entries in the slab encountered, using a call back, free them if they are purgeable.
    If this ends up producing an empty slab, release it.

    >Intermezzo has a funky dentry cache that may need a pruner method (??),
    >but I didn't touch it. If there was a better way to do this, I was too
    >blind to see it.

    Looking at the Intermezzo dcache code, I think you made the right choise.
    I do not think this needs a pruner method.

    Ed Tomlinson

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