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SubjectRe: Memory detection problem in 2.4.19-rc2
On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Leonardo Gomes Figueira wrote:

> Hi,
> i have a Toshiba K6-2 450 notebook with 32MB RAM onboard plus an 256MB chip.
> I use kernel 2.4.18 with the mem param on the boot (mem=288M) and it
> works fine. (Without the mem param it only detects 32MB).
> I've been testing 2.4.19-preX (8,9,10 maybe others before, i don't
> remember) and 2.4.19-rcX (1,2) but in this releases it don't detect more
> than 32MB even with the mem param. I didn't test in 2.4.19-rc3 yet but i
> read the changelog and didn't see any change in this area but i can test
> if it helps.

It seems that the change Christoph introduced (from Red Hat's tree) in the
lines around 810 (line number in -rc3) in arch/i386/kernel/setup.c didn't
consider the case that someone want's to _in_crease the size of the memory
by using the "mem=" parameter.

It's the following Changeset:

<-- snip -->

Changeset details for 1.383.2.25

ChangeSet@1.383.2.25 2002-04-15 23:18:40-03:00
all diffs
[PATCH] mem= command lines fixes.
Another patch from Red Hat's tree:
mem= command-line adapts itself to existing e820 values.
without this patch mem=xxxM ignores bios-reserved areas and uses
them as RAM. This patch makes the kernel skip these areas
arch/i386/kernel/setup.c@1.38 2001-04-05

<-- snip -->

> Thanks,
> Leo



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