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    Subjectkeyboard ONLY functions in 2.5.27 with local APIC on for UP
    Vojtech, list,

    I find that my keyboard only works if I turn on the local APIC on UP on my
    laptop. The only clue I see scrolling past is something about 'AT keyboard
    timeout, not present?'. I don't have my nullmodem cable handy to check it
    out further.

    I do see it talking about interrupt 1 and IO 0x60. I've also compiled it
    with the SERIO debugging setting and ATKBD debugging on, but I still don't
    see anything useful.

    Every once in a while it would say 'unknown scancode from keybord set 0,
    0x2' and then some more numbers. I feel bad that I can't be anymore specific
    right now.

    If you want me to do some more checking, let me know, and I'll hook up the



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