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SubjectRe: [PATCH] for_each_pgdat
>> Ok guys, you three (and whoever else wants to play? ;) fight it out amonst
>> yourselves, I'll wait for the end result (iow: I'll just ignore both
>> patches for now).
> No no... the issues are fairly orthogonal.
> Attached is a patch with the for_each_pgdat implementation and
> s/node_next/pgdat_next/ per Martin.

I'm happy with this (obviously ;-))

> If Bill wants to convert pgdats to lists that is fine but is another
> step. Let's get in this first batch and that can be done off this.

As we now reference them in only two places (the macro defn and
numa.c:_alloc_pages) it hardly seems worth converting to lists ... ?
(I'm going to take an axe to NUMA _alloc_pages in a minute anyway ;-))

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