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Subject[PATCH] Super Page added support for sparc64 in addition to the alpha

I added sparc64 support to the Linux Super Page kernel patch.
Because I don't have any sparc machine yet, I completely rely on
other testers. They reported me that it speedup about 2 times
for the large matrix transpose benchmark.

In this patch, I am going to integrate the i386 port.
But it is far from complete. I have a working patch for i386
by my student which can not be integrated with the other ports.
Then the current i386 port is written from scratch by myself.
If someone can help me for the i386 port, I will appreciate his concern.

The project home page is:


Naohiko Shimizu
Department of Communications Engineering,
School of Information Technology and Electronics, Tokai University
1117 Kitakaname Hiratsuka 259-1292 Japan
TEL.+81-463-58-1211(ext. 4084) FAX.+81-463-58-8320

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