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    SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Ext3 vs Reiserfs benchmarks
    Chris Mason <> writes:

    > Yes, most mtas do this for queue files, I'm not sure how many do it for
    > the actual spool file.

    Maybe the control files are small enough to fit in one disk block,
    making the operations atomic in practice. Or something.

    > mail server authors are more than welcome to recommend the best
    > safety/performance combo for their product, and to ask the FS guys
    > which combinations are safe.

    Yeah, but it's a shame if those combinations require performance hits
    like "synchronous directory updates" or, worse, "fsync() == sync()".

    I really wish MTA authors would just support Linux's "fsync the
    directory" approach. It is simple, reliable, and fast. Yes, it does
    require Linux-specific support in the application, but that's what
    application authors should expect when there is a gap in the

    - Pat
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