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    SubjectRe: bzip2 support against 2.4.18
    On 11.07.2001 - 19:21 Daniel Phillips wrote:
    > How about bz2Image, or, more natural in my mind, bz2linux.

    bzImage stands for "big zipped Image". Zipped, in this case, means that it
    is gzipped. Perhaps Linus never wants to support other compression formats
    for the kernel.
    Sure "bz2bzImage" is a bit ugly. I personally would prefer bzImage.bz2,
    although it is some kind of self-extracting executable, thus *.bz2 is also
    not correct. But it would imply better which sort of compression you are
    using. But that also means that the standard kernel has to be called
    "bzImage.gz". I did not want to mess up the standard names...

    But the question is: who is responsible for all those naming conventions?
    Does anyone has an idea?

    Have fun,

    - Christian

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