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    SubjectRe: What is the most stable kernel to date?
    On 12 Jul 2002, Steven Cole wrote:

    > Even with an early 2.4.x kernel, you can get good results. I guess it
    > really depends on your load.

    indeed -- i had a box colocated in an ISP's basement running 2.4.2 on an
    abit bp6, twin 366MHz celerons, that stayed up for nearly 300 days. I
    think the grand total was 284 days or something ridiculous like that;
    impressive for both such an old release of the kernel and inherently
    broken hardware. the isp has since gone out of business due to financial
    problems, and that's the only reason the machine went down, otherwise i'm
    certain it would still be up now.

    i still maintain that the latest kernel should be the one in use unless
    it's noted as a keep away kernel *ahem*2.4.11*ahem* -- the newest has got
    all the latest bug fixes, vm changes, features, etc. however, as always
    with varying hardware configurations, your mileage may vary

    Kelsey Hudson
    Software Engineer/UNIX Systems Administrator
    Compendium Technologies, Inc (619) 725-0771

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