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SubjectRe: htree directory indexing 2.4.18-2 BUG with highmem and also high i/o
On Wednesday 10 July 2002 23:01, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> On Jul 09, 2002 23:33 +0200, Marc-Christian Petersen wrote:
> > Hi Daniel,
> >
> > I've found a bug with htree directory indexing patch and
> > highmem enabled (64GB). This is with 2.4.18 and htree patch
> > 2.4.18-2. Oops appears if accessing an ext2 partition with ls
> > or doing "who/w" in the directory of the ext2 partition.
> The ext2 htree patch probably needs to add a "kmap()" and "kunmap()"
> in the function that reads a page and scans the directory for the
> name it is looking for. I can't be any more specific than this
> right now since I only have the ext3 version of this patch, and it
> does not have page-cache based directories (it is still using the
> buffer cache).

Hi Andreas,

Yes, kmap is utterly not-there for the Ext2 version of the patch.
This is one of those uninteresting but altogether essential chores
that just needs doing. Sigh.

See you tomorrow.

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