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    SubjectRe: O(1) scheduler "complex" macros
    Hi Ingo,

    thanks for the quick response!

    > the best solution might be to just lock the 'next' task - this needs a new
    > per-task irq-safe spinlock, to avoid deadlocks. This way whenever a task
    > is in the middle of a context-switch it cannot be scheduled on another
    > CPU.

    We tested this and it looked good. But inserting a udelay(100) like:
    prepare_arch_switch(rq, next);
    prev = context_switch(prev, next);
    leads to a crash after 10 minutes. Again this looks like accessing an
    empty page.

    Does anything speak against such a test? It is there just to show up
    quickly problems which we might normally get only after hours of running.


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