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Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 00_8253-1
Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 00_ipc-sem-set-pid-during-setval-1
Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 00_proc-sig-race-fix-1
Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 00_reaper-thread-race-1
Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 00_tty-poll-2
Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 00_wmem-default-lowmem-machines-1

Merged in mainline.

Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 00_apm-idle_period-parse-1

Bugfix from -ac.

Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 60_tux-kstat-4
Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 60_tux-kstat-5
Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 00_lowlatency-fixes-5
Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 00_lowlatency-fixes-6


Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 05_vm_19_nodev-cleanup-1

Minor cleanup.

Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 10_o1-sched-fixes-1
Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 10_o1-sched-fixes-2

Cleanup, dropped "flags" leftover.

Only in 2.4.19pre9aa2: 10_rawio-vary-io-8
Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 10_rawio-vary-io-9

J.A. Magallon noticed the conditiona_schedule got dropped from
submit_bh, this opens a small room for further dbench and the like

Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 20_keventd-rt-1

Make keventd RT (use MAX_USER_RT_PRIO). this way keventd can
be used for critical system activities. Still can be starved

Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.18-31.gz

Upgrade to uml-31 from Jeff.

Only in 2.4.19pre10aa1: 90_ext3-commit-interval-1

Avoid laptops to waste energy despite kupdate interval is set
to 2 hours with ext3. kjournald has no right to choose
"how frequently" we should look for old transactions, that's
an user problem. journaling doesn't enforce how much old data
we can lose after a 'reboot -f', it only enforces that the
metadata or even the data will be coherent after an hard reboot.

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